Nigel Barlow

UK Keynote Speaker

Nigel May Barlow is an Agent Provocateur, Creative Coach, and Business Rocker. He is a founding director of the Tom Peters organization in Europe, and currently owns and runs Service Legends Ltd and the Re-Think Project.

He has applied creative rethinking to topics as diverse as:

  • Careers and Personal Development
  • Markets and Brands
  • The Customer Experience
  • Innovative Leadership
  • The Joys of Work/Life Imbalance, and
  • Creativity for the Hell of It!

Nigel has helped many of the world’s leading organizations on every continent to rethink their lives and businesses. His clients include:

AGA, American Express, Anheuser-Busch, Barclays, BBC, BP, BT, Cabinet Office, Carnegie, Clifford Chance, Eli Lilly, Ericsson, First Choice, GKN, Hewlett-Packard, ICI Paints, John Lewis Partnership, J P Morgan, Lexus, Lloyds TSB, L’Oreal, Merck Generics, Nestle, Rockwool, J Sainsbury, SAP, S-E-B, Shell, SKF, Trinity Mirror, and Unilever.

He is one of the world’s most dynamic conference speakers, favoring the after-lunch spot. He also works on creative retreats with top teams helping to rethink whatever they’re stuck on.

Re-Think: How To Think Differently draws on Nigel’s experience, successes, and failures. Whether you want to rethink your life situation, relationships, personal creativity, or a new business idea, Re-Think is designed to provoke your creative self into coming up with the answer you already have inside you. Read about

Nigel’s last book was Batteries Included! Creating Legendary Customer Service. Some successful service brands, such as Lexus, have adopted his theme of aiming to become legendary for the experience they give their customers. Learn more about the book Batteries Included!

Nigel lives in Oxford, England, and Heathrow Departures Lounge.