Excellence Academy

Our Excellence Academy shows individuals how to incorporate excellence messages into their work life. Learn more at one of our free webinars. Sign  up for the next webinar here.

The program appeals to two main types of person:

  1. Individual professionals of all kinds, who don’t have bigger company personal development support, and who want to develop their own careers.
  2. Managers/leaders who want to demonstrate commitment to their peoples’ development.

Overall the programme was the catalyst for action that created the excitement to go and do work that matters! Online Excellence Academy participant

Programs provoke people to create their own excellence agenda and take responsibility for their development activities.

Points I have learned during the Excellence Academy have led to some mindset changes – changing the way I think about certain aspects of my work/career/the way I come across/the way I work with others – which I am certain I will carry with me for the rest of my career.” Excellence Academy ParticipantHere are the program dimensions:

  • A pre-program assessment process including completing the Excellence Audit Self.
  • A launch phase sets up the development planning process.
  • Participants create work-based assignments through which they can grow in personal confidence, capability, and profile.
  • Programs bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • Their initiatives are supplemented by regular inputs by TPC staff.

The program succeeds because participants take responsibility for their own development, becoming experts at setting up development opportunities around them at work, and demonstrating increased value added to their colleagues, customers, and bosses alike.

The programme as a whole stimulated excitement back into my work, seeking projects I could get involved in to make an impact. Particularly enjoyed interpreting the feedback from my observers and turning into areas of focus. Excellence Academy Participant

Our online version of the program was successfully piloted in April and May 2016. A final version based on audience feedback will take place before the end of2016.

Want to know more? We run regular free webinars on the Excellence Academy programs. Sign up here.

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