New Work Survival Kit 2012+++++

Here’s a personal improvement checklist – choose at least one area for your own improvement efforts – preferably one that makes you ‘wince’ about your current performance!

  • Mastery! (Best/Absurdly Good at Something!)
  • “Manage” to Legacy (All Work = “Memorable”/“Braggable” WOW Projects!)
  • “USP”/Unique Selling Proposition (R.POV8: Remarkable Point of View … captured in 8 or less words)
  • Networking Obsession (From vertical/hierarchy/“suck up” loyalty to horizontal/“colleague”/“mate” loyalty)
  • Entrepreneurial Instinct (A sleepless … Eye for Opportunity! E.g.: Small Opportunity for Independent Action beats faceless part of Monster Project)
  • CEO/Leader/Businessperson/Closer (CEO, Me Inc. Period! 24/7!)
  • Mistress of Improv (Play a dozen parts simultaneously, from Chief Strategist to Chief Toilet Scrubber)
  • Sense of Humor (A willingness to Screw Up, Shrug & Move On)
  • Comfortable with Your Skin (Bring “interesting you” to work!)
  • Intense Appetite for Technology (E.g.: Are you a “leading edgeuser” of Social Media?)
  • Embrace “Marketing” (Your own CSO/Chief Storytelling Officer)
  • Obsessed with Renewal (Your own CLO/Chief Learning Officer)
  • Execution Excellence! (Show up early! Leave late! Sweat the details!)
  • EXCELLENCE. PERIOD. (What else?)

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