Chris Nel

UK Leadership Consultant

Not many business consultants can boast of having 20 grams of steel plates and screws in their bodies! But Chris has used his experience in competitive sports and military training to toughen him to the challenges of business. He has competed on the British Triathlon team and been an officer with the Royal Marine Commandos—seeing service in Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Norway, Belize, Brunei, and, more recently, in the first Gulf conflict—before bringing his leadership experience into civilian life.

Chris spent four years as an operations manager, culminating in a regional management role for one of the major FTSE 100 businesses. There he recognized the importance of focusing leadership on both the systems and the passion side of business. In his time with the Tom Peters Company he has applied this learning to more than 25 major client projects, including ASDA, CPP, Lloyds of London, Norwich Union, Rolls-Royce Aerospace, Sainsbury’s, TMP Worldwide, Texas Instruments, Unilever, Virgin One Account, and Zurich Financial Services. He has also been doing speaking engagements in the Balkan nations on creating an entrepreneurial spirit in organizations.

Chris’s basic approach is to build trusting relationships, understand the client business, and to clarify required outcomes. He sees these things as essential to surviving the inevitably bumpy ride of business transformation and “getting beyond partnership to provocation,” wherein real value is added. His style, as expected from someone with his background, is energetic, pragmatic, and results-obsessed.

When not at work, Chris lives amphibiously—his definition of happiness always involves water.