Helen Green

UK Leadership Consultant

Raised in English Shire country in a close family of scientists, Helen quickly became a black sheep for choosing to study Hotel and Catering Management at Surrey University rather than follow a career path into a laboratory or clinic. Helen worked for ten years in the UK hospitality industry, first as a line manager and then in people development with two large brewing organizations. She was also a Communications Manager with a German franchise company.

Her business experience to date has given Helen a balanced appreciation of hard-headed business realities and a basic belief in productivity through people. Helen has been a member of the Tom Peters Company team since 1996, and she has worked with clients across a broad range of industries.

Her basic thesis: Most organizations barely touch the true potential of their people. This theme characterizes her approach to all her work.

Having been brought up on a diet of competitive sports from equestrianism to squash, Helen still keeps alive her many interests outside work. She is especially proud of her participation in the 2001 London Marathon for the British Kidney Patients Association.