Excellence Model

For excellence to be more than an aspiration requires personal commitment, a sound excellence development plan and a strong bias for action. Systems plus Passion equals Excellence for individuals and organizations alike! Here are our models for success:

For Leaders: Our excellence model, the Future Shape of the Winner, outlines seven elements of an organization that together set the context in which people work. Talent is the core element of the model, with Ambition, Architecture, Brand, Customer, Execution and Performance completing the set.

For Individuals: Our Personal Excellence model examines four aspects, Professional, Customer, Execution and Leadership.

Both approaches use our proprietary Excellence Audit diagnostic tools to focus attention on priority improvement areas from which excellence development plans focused on priority improvement areas are compiled.

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Our excellence model, the Future Shape of the Winner, helps leaders and leadership teams to examine seven elements of their organization that constantly interact to set the context in which people do their work.

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