The pursuit of excellence is a personal choice followed by a lifelong endeavor. Many excellent people go through critical passages in their lives when they need advice, support, and encouragement from a credible third party whose perspective helps them maintain their forward momentum.

The Excellence Coaching process begins by establishing a quality relationship between coach and client. This sets up the opportunity to have candid conversations in which issues can be surfaced and realistic development plans agreed on. A trusted assessment framework, such as the Excellence Audit™ or Kouzes & Posner’s Leadership Practices Inventory™, can be used to provide a platform and common language for discussing current performance and a structure for action planning.

Our four-stage excellence coaching approach:

  1. DOINK! – Seeing a blinding flash of the obvious. Feedback to disturb the current equilibrium and point the way to the next level of performance.
  2. DREAM – Wouldn’t it be great if? Defining what Excellence looks like and setting development targets.
  3. DO – Execution is 98% of the job! Reframing assignments, tackling problems, reviews, support, and encouragement. Energizing the process and keeping up momentum.
  4. DIG IN – Holding onto the new ground. Making new levels of performance feel comfortable and setting up the next 4D cycle.

Excellence Coaching is available from a range of experienced coaches in the TPC network.

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