The WOW! Projects Lab is Tom Peters Company’s express route to interesting and impactful outcomes. Participants learn how to apply the WOW! Projects methodology to enrich and enliven a real piece of work. They learn how to transform routine work into work that matters, work with interesting and impactful outcomes that make a real difference, to themselves, to customers, and to the organization.

The WOW! Projects Lab is an ideal arena for individuals or intact project teams who are looking to improve their innovation and execution capability. Participants work through the four stages of the WOW! Projects methodology:

  • Reframe: never, ever, accept an assignment as given.
  • Sell: sell your project from start to finish.
  • Execute: chunking, time lines, prototyping, design and beauty, speed is life.
  • Exit: celebrate, hand over, and exit.

Working alongside others who are following the same engaging methodology but applying it to their own assignments, pitches, brain-storms, prototyping, and peer reviews are used to provoke cross fertilization of ideas, to stimulate fresh thinking, and to inject energy. It’s on-the-job training that makes an immediate impact.

The WOW! Projects Lab stimulates and supports the generation of bigger and bolder ideas that stretch capability and deliver different outcomes. Its pace and style provide a boost of energy for projects that are languishing and make project work more rewarding for leaders and team members alike. Participants will learn techniques that can be reused in their work, time and time again. Leaders get better engagement at work and higher returns on business improvement projects.

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