These workshops help individuals who want to stand out from the crowd and organization leaders who want their people to develop their capability, impact, and profile. The workshop leads participants from candid self-assessment through to serious personal renewal. It uses a mix of provocation, engaging learning situations, individual and group exercises, case studies, private reflection, committing to action, and more. Becoming a Brand You is a win-win strategy; good for individuals and good for their organizations.

Brand You workshop phases:

  • Brand Distinction provokes participants to confront those aspects of their personal brand that are in need of urgent attention. Participants investigate how they are currently perceived, good, bad, or indifferent. This pinpoints action areas for most participants; gaps in knowledge or capability, correcting what they see as unfair perceptions, and/or identifying existing talents that are being underused. No matter how good participants’ current knowledge and skills are, they must see themselves as Rapidly Depreciating Assets and work to keep up with the latest developments in their chosen fields.
  • Brand Delivery helps participants to deal with present realities. No matter how strong (they think) their personal brand is, the best opportunities at work are always going to be in high demand. So if they want to be the strongest contender, being proficient at marketing is a must. Participants look at building their personal networks, opening up communication channels, and using social media to raise their profile and improve the way they are perceived in their job market.

Committing to Action encourages participants to spot and exploit the personal development opportunities that are around them at work. It’s about taking opportunities and re-imagining possibilities!

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Are you clear about what makes you different and special at work? Do enough other people know this?

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