Tom Peters’ instinctive bias for action over strategy was taken to a new level when he introduced us to the ugly term “projectizing”: the art of converting routine work assignments into distinct chunks of work, each with a goal, a timeline, and pre-defined outcomes for a customer, i.e., the person for whom the work is being done.

The advent of the WOW! Projects methodology takes the art of projectizing to the next level. It is a repeatable methodology that helps people to transform their work into work that matters, work that energizes and engages, work that makes a difference in people’s lives, work worth paying for because of the high value it creates for customers. The four stages of the WOW! Project are:

  • Reframe: never, ever, accept an assignment as given.
  • Sell: sell your project from start to finish.
  • Execute: chunking, time lines, prototyping, design & beauty, speed is life.
  • Exit: celebrate, hand over, and exit.

The WOW! Projects Lab experience stimulates and supports the generation of project plans that stretch people’s ambition and extend their confidence and capability to deliver project outcomes that routinely exceed expectations.

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How WOW! is your work? Typically? Honestly?

If the answer is “Don’t know” or “Pretty average,” maybe we can help?