These workshops help management teams to take action in the workplace. The workshop combines performance data from the business and Excellence Audit feedback to stimulate a management team review of the context in which people are working. The process generates a shared understanding of operating realities and fosters cohesive thinking on how things can be improved so that people can work more effectively and create more value. It builds an Excellence Agenda of prioritized targeted actions to unleash the organization’s full capability.

Following the Future Shape of the Winner structure, participants explore:

  • Performance: do we have a shared overarching ambition, are we aligned on key goals, are we skilled and able to execute, do we measure, reward and recognize the contributions and outcomes we value most?
  • Customers: is our brand promise clear, distinctive and appealing to our target customers/markets, are our brand values lived inside the business, is creating value for customers everyone’s number one priority?
  • Execution: are our organization structures, policies and procedures supportive of people doing their work, are people trained and connected to others whose help they need to work effectively, is the work organized into projects with high impact?

The unique mixture of inputs, evaluation data, case studies, experiential activities and candid discussions in a wide variety of formats make this an uplifting way for management teams to refocus and commit to a new excellence strategy for their business.

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Is your future strategy aimed at achieving excellence? Do your key players agree?

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