Client Issues

Clients come to us with a range of issues …

“I am concerned that people are becoming complacent because of our success.”
Chief Executive, Lightweight Materials Engineering Solutions Corporation
The CEO of an international division of a global corporation was concerned that his business might be at risk due to its track record of success leading to complacency creeping into key areas of the business. He wanted to assess the degree to which the priorities for the next phase of the business were really shared by his leadership team and being actively implemented across business centers in four countries. Having made this assessment, he progressed to re-focus the business units on the key objectives for the next phase of the business.
Solutions used: Excellence Audit, Implementing Excellence

“We may never have the biggest budgets in our industry, but we can certainly have the best people.”
Chief Executive, High Tech Design & Manufacturing Company
The CEO wanted to focus the next phase of his company’s development around talent. He wanted the company to become renowned for attracting, developing, and capitalizing on their people in their US- and UK-based operations. He saw talent as the key differentiator for his company going forward and wanted to make staff development a way of life in his business. He wanted his senior management to be directly involved to show everyone in the company that this was serious business.
Tools used: Excellence Audit, Excellence Academy Group Programs

“I am looking for a coach to help me to grow my company without increasing hierarchy and adding bureaucracy.”
CEO and Founder, Software SME
This CEO was looking forward to a period of significant growth for the 100 person SME he had founded. Its reputation for innovative products and exceptional customer service in the financial services industry had been hard earned against bigger competitors. He anticipated that several new clients would be coming on board in the coming period and knew he had to strengthen his professional resources. He was determined to grow the business and retain its “can do” culture, which he saw as crucial for continued success.
Solution used: Excellence Coaching

“Can you help us to encourage and support our women professionals to go on and achieve greater influence in our business.”
Group Head of Business Improvement, International Mining Company
The South African operation of this global company was determined to capitalize on the growing number of inexperienced but talented female professionals who were present in this division of the business. He wanted to help them to see how they could increase their influence in the business and put plans in place for them to grow in capability, profile, and confidence.
Solution used: Brand You

“I want the leaders here to set new standards for the operation.”
SVP Operations, Aerospace Company

The newly appointed Senior Vice President of a mature aerospace design and manufacturing complex in the U.S. wanted to lift the spirits, ambition, and impact of the management team he had inherited. They had developed a new business strategy for the complex and key performance indicators that would track progress. He wanted to run a series of leadership development events that would embed the strategy across his 400 incumbent managers.
Tools used: Implementing Excellence, Leadership Challenge™

“We want to provide the best, the unexpected, and keep our programs fresh and relevant for our customers.”Commanding Officer, Military Welfare Academy
This specialist division of the U.S. Army provides recreational events and other support services for the families of service personnel who are away on active service or recently returned from service abroad. He wanted his program leaders to learn and be confident to use a methodology that would help them to enrich and enliven their portfolio of events and services. He wanted TPC to train and license team members to use this methodology in house.
Solution used: WOW! Projects

“We are being seriously squeezed by competition on all sides.”
Senior Vice President, Healthcare Center

The SVP of a major healthcare organization wanted innovation to become a source of competitive advantage in the increasingly overcrowded U.S. healthcare market. In her words, “I want help to fast-track our transformation into an organization that embraces growth through innovative solutions.” She knew Tom Peters’ work on innovation and WOW! Projects and approached TPC to train and license her team so they could use this methodology in house. Ten years and several iterations later, the WOW! Projects methodology remains a plank in the Center’s competitive success.
Tool used: WOW! Projects

“The world has completely changed around us. We have to become much more commercial and quickly!”
Executive Director, Community Regeneration Agency
This Executive Director had been recruited into the organization from the private sector. There were clearly big changes ahead in the way that regeneration projects would be financed by the UK Government and managed by local authorities. He knew the agency would have to find ways to achieve much more output with fewer resources and wanted his region to set the standard for the agency as a whole. He asked TPC to become partners in responding to these challenges.
Tools used: Implementing Excellence, Excellence Academy, Creating Value for Customers, Coaching


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