In Tom Peters Company, we are comfortable to compare the job of the business leader to that of a theater director or sports team manager; assembling the best available talent you can find and developing a context around them in which these people can deliver the best work of their lives. Leadership is the art of getting others to want to do that which you are convinced should be done. The mark of an effective leader is the impact she/he has on the attitude and performance of others and in the legacy they leave when they move on.

In addition to Tom Peters’ work on leadership, we draw on the life’s work of our former Learning Systems Chairman, Jim Kouzes and his partner, Barry Posner, and use their Five Practices™ model as our preferred leadership development operating platform. Their worldwide research has consistently confirmed that other people respond best to leaders who:

  • Model the Way: are credible and set a good personal example
  • Inspire a Shared Vision: look forward, see ahead, and convey enthusiasm for the future
  • Challenge the Process: challenge and change things for the better
  • Enable Others to Act: provide others with scope and confidence to take action
  • Encourage the Heart: acknowledge other people’s contributions

Credibility is the root of leadership excellence and leadership development excellence alike. The Leadership Challenge™ workshop, lead by accredited master trainers, helps leaders to be honest with themselves about the impact their current practices are having on other people around them and to see how they could and should improve. Available in one-, two-, or three-day formats, this workshop has a worldwide proven track record of helping leaders at all levels to improve their personal effectiveness.

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